Arredondo, Cantabria (the capital of the world)







This is the town where my grandmother was born.  At the entrance of the small town there is a plaque that sais “Arredondo, the capital of the world” as it is known by a town where many spanish people used to come back from america and many other countries after the civil war, they used to call them “indianos”.

I could upload tons of pictures of the beauty of the town and surroundings. Green landscapes, two rivers crossing the small town (Rio Asón and Rio Bustablado) , fresh air, sun, long walks, great coffee and absolutely impressive meals as is typical of northern Spain.

Arredondo is placed in a spacial region known for the amount of existing caves. Actually there is the second biggest water well in europe.  You can also find very close to Arredondo, if you take the road to Asón (another town) the place where Río Asón birth, its a short walk to the cascade and its definately a wonderful place to be and visit.

I really love this place. Hopefully with this pics you can smell the fresh air, and feel the cold water falling.

Trip: Santander, Arredondo, Bustablado, Socueva, Ramales de la Victoria

Eat: In the only bar of Bustablado (the next town) you will eat like the best food ever! or in Arredondo in Taberna Casanova (the restaurant upstairs, not the bar)

Stay: Arredondo, apartamentos de Domingo



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